Nuage Method

Nuage Method

Cloud Adoption

Our purpose is to help you transform your organisation leveraging the power of cloud delivered services.

We do this by taking a holistic approach to integrating cloud computing services into your organisation so no stone is left unturned.

Working with you we consider each of the key pillars of your business, then together we work through each of the 6 stages required to deliver successful and fit for purpose business outcomes.


The 3 P’s of every organisation are:

  • People – how your team is united, and segmented, within their roles
  • Processes – how your people, your clients, your partners, and your technology fit and work together
  • Products – what technologies and systems are currently in place, determining priority and cloud readiness, and identify opportunities for development

By focusing on these organisational pillars together we are able to better match the right mix of services and develop a potent cloud adoption strategy.

Develop Strategy

Identify motivations and intended outcomes. Align partner strategy and identify delivery orders of operation.

Assess & Plan

Assess the current environment. Determine readiness level. Devlop a detailed and robust scope and plan.

Build & Migrate

Build out the required cloud infrastructure. Migrate workloads to the cloud tenancy.


Develop replacements for incompatible legacy apps, new apps to enhance your business gaining new data and process insights.


If you have a finance, medical, legal or other business with sensitive data, we will ensure that your data governance obligations are met.


We manage the entire environment for you ensuring that your business critical environments are health and in the hands of experts.