Azure Managed Cloud

Your fully managed cloud ecosystem

Planning to move or already moved some of your on-premises IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Nuage Solutions helps you optimize your cloud investment using the complete stack of Azure Cloud Services.

Work with a Wholly Australian Owned Full-Service Managed IT Services, IT Support & Consulting Partner for you Azure Managed Cloud.

Nuage Solutions Australia is a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider and IT Service Provider based in Queensland Australia and servicing clients Australia wide. We help you develop a clear vision for the future of your IT operations with smarter IT infrastructure solutions using the Microsoft Cloud.

By partnering with a reputable Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider you recieve:

 Z A team of expert engineers focused entirely on your business success

Z The simplicity of One Partner – One Platform – One Team

Z Pay-As-You-Go subscription model that can increase and decrease as your needs change

Z Tier 1 support with dedicated access to Microsoft Premier support

Z A single monthly invoice that bundles all your consumed resources together for easy cost management

Z Proactive monitoring and tuning to ensure you’re getting the most value from your investment

Managed IT Services & Cloud IT Infrastructure on Microsoft Azure with Azure ManagedCloud.

Microsoft Azure Cloud is perfectly aligned to businesses that expect the best, most secure, and high performance IT infrastructure and IT Services without the capital expense and maintenance costs of traditional servers or legacy hardware ownership. And if you need to maintain some onsite workloads in your own datacentre, Azure Hybrid Cloud gives you the flexibility to offload and decentralize those critical workloads.

Nuage solutions Australia and Microsoft Azure Cloud delivers to your business a complete IT Service in the Cloud. Dedicated IT Support, the IT Consultants, and Infrastructure Management enabling you to optimize your entire business operations.

As a Microsoft Cloud Partner specialising in Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Team we can offer your business a complete technology solutions that’s integrated, flexible and cost effective. 

See how Microsoft Azure Cloud is transforming organisations across the globe.

We’ve put together a range of resources to help you learn about Microsoft Azure Cloud and how our Azure Managed Cloud can work for your business to increase productivity and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I benefit from cloud computing?

There are so many benefits it’s impossible to list them all. The cloud is secure, it scales as demand increases and decreases, you have access to unlimited storage and computing resources, and best of all you don’t have the huge capital outlay. A small business can affordably run the very same style of computing infrastructure as global enterprises. Learn more about the Microsoft Azure Advantage.

What is the difference between public, private and hybrid cloud?
Public cloud is when the services and infrastructure are provided over the internet by a provider like Azure. Private cloud is when the services are hosted and delivered on a private network. Hybrid cloud combines the utility of public and private cloud options. Learn more about Cloud Basics on our blog.
Why should I choose Microsoft Azure rather than Amazon AWS or Google Cloud?

Because only Microsoft can deliver a fully integrated and seamless productivity platform that harnesses the power of the applications you already know and use. Integrate Office365, OneDrive, Teams, Dynamics, Sharepoint and more with single sign-on and secure access anytime anywhere.

Is my data secure if I put it in the cloud?

With the rapid increase in cloud usage, Microsot Azure is by far one of the most secure environments available. With a $1Billion investment in security operations and a team of more than 3500 security experts working around the clock, combined with AI driven threat intelligence, they monitor and respond to more than a trillion threat signals every day keep your data secure.

What about support? What are my options?

Every Nuage Solutions customer is provided standard support by our team of Microsoft trained and certified support engineers as part of your service. You also have the option to increase your support availability window. Speak to your account manager for options. Added to this, if we can’t answer your questions, we’ll work with Microsoft’s team utilizing allowing your business to leverage our own Premier Support facility.