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The Azure Advantage

Nuage Solutions Australia

The Gold Standard

Azure sets the benchmark for public, private and hybrid cloud integrations. Organisations across the globe already recognise Azure as the most trusted provider of pure cloud and hybrid infrastructure. In fact more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies already use Azure.

Nuage Solutions Australia

Seamless Hybrid Cloud

Azure enables the easiest migration path for yout existing Active Directory infrasructure and resources. Hybrid cloud can further benefit from ‘Azure Active Directory’ and ‘Azure AD DS’. Your on-premise infrastucture can all be managed and backed up right from Azure.

Nuage Solutions Australia

Return on Investment

Only Azure can holistically integrate into your running operations by taking advantage of your existsing investment in Microsoft applications and other technologies. When it comes to Windows server and SQL server there are significant discounts available when using the licenses you already own.

Big Savings

Nuage Solutions Australia

Leverage you existing investment

Save as much as 40% when you extend your existing Windows Server or SQL Server license (with Software Assurance) to Azure. Save even more, up to 80% with 1 year and 3 year reservations. With the consumption metering model, you only pay for what you use. Nuage Solutions helps you to find the cost savings in your deployments.

It's less expensive

Did you know that AWS is up to 5 times more expensive than Azure? Only with Azure do you have the ability to transfer your licensing and workloads without the need to make considerable new investments.

Free security updates

When you more your Windows Server or SQL Server or 2008 R2 server workloads to Azure you’ll have 3 additional years of free security updates available. There’s no reason to contintue running on unsupported on-premise servers anymore.

Global Reach

Nuage Solutions Australia

A Global network backbone connecting over 160 local POP's

The modern organisation requires a global reach to minimise the cost, and the complexity of operating in the global economy. Azure has presence in more global regions than any other cloud provider and meets local data sovereignty and data residency requirements.

58 Regions Worldwide

Available in 140 Countries

More Secure

Nuage Solutions Australia

Multi-layered Security

Azure takes your security more seriously. With a dedicated team of 3,500 security experts and a $1B USD investment into research and development, few other organisations make such a commitment to ensuring your data is fully protected. From the physical infrastructure hosting your environment to the data stored on the disks, cyber security experts are contiously monitoring for threats and developing new approaches to ensure your business assets are always protected.

Compliance Certified

Azure offers more than 90 data compliance offerings catering to more industry and government regulatory requirements. These include: PCI DSS, GDPR, APRA, and ISO:27001. Nuage can develop and manage Azure Policy to continually audit and report on non-compliance.

AI Driven Threat Management

Every day 8 trillion threat signals are analysed utilising Artificial Intelligence and a dedicated team of cyber security expert analysts. Threats are actively monitored, analysed, and mitigated – even while you sleep.

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When you partner with Nuage Solutions to be your trusted managed cloud service provider you have access a diverse range of Managed Cloud Services that enhance your business, increase productivity, and reduce costs, because we’re focused on your success.