3 Ways Your MSP is Failing You 

Caroline Taranto


With technology, even the most focused and well-intentioned business owner makes mistakes. While you may spend each day trying to avoid those mistakes, all it takes is a simple slip to face an unavoidable challenge. 

A successfully managed service provider (MSP) thrives on solid planning and execution to counteract this. Here are three ways your MSP can fail you and steps you can take to prevent it. 

1. Security 

With the constant advancement of technology, cybersecurity has become a significant challenge. Just as MSPs have grown more robust, so have hackers. 

Ransomware and DDoS attacks on organisations have become more frequent, bringing even the biggest businesses to their knees. This has been especially true for security breaches since 2020. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many Australian businesses and government entities shifted their online presence to cloud servers.

An industry report from IBISWorld shows this created a strong demand for cloud security solutions, making MSPs the industry’s most extensive product segment with 35.4%. 

This creates three challenges for MSPs: 

  • MSPs need to find the right talent to tackle dynamic security issues. 
  • MSPs need to rely on their employees to tackle cyber threats. 
  • These employees are in charge of protecting both the MSPs and their client’s confidential data. 

The pressure is on selecting capable employees to implement top-notch cybersecurity measures that prevent catastrophic financial losses and save the company’s reputation. 

Lock on laptop as computer protection and cybersecurity

2. Information Protection 

With the rising popularity of cloud computing comes the rise of big data. Businesses must analyse large amounts of personal and proprietary data for trends and insights. 

This increased the prevalence of high-profile cyber attacks over the past five years. The integrity of Australian IT services became a concern but ultimately boosted the demand for IT security services. Statistics show that this resulted in annual growth in IT businesses of 2.3% from 2017-2022. 

While the industry is growing, MSPs go wrong where failproof backup and security strategies are concerned. Here are two things MSPs might be doing wrong: 

  • The client’s information may escape due to a security breach. MSPs need to address responsibility in their contract before such events. 
  • Confidential information may be at risk if your provider receives a subpoena disclosure. To prevent the release of personal data, clients should require a notice of receipt of a subpoena and time to challenge the request before disclosure. 


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To avoid these situations, MSPs must ensure that their client’s information is safe. The contract should also provide a warranty or indemnity protection if disclosure results from a failure by the provider.

user typing login and password in the concept of cyber security, information security, data protection, and encryption for secure access to user's personal information

3. Legal Compliance 

MSPs should provide endpoint protection and robust security solutions to combat harmful software. It is equally important they consider compliance to help clients prevent legal issues. 

At the same time, MSPs must ensure that the convoluted legal component of compliance doesn’t place companies in a tough spot. 

For this reason, it’s essential they avoid taking risks they cannot properly assess or manage. This may put your business at risk, which will outsize the rewards. 

Quality control certification assures that the company's product satisfies its specifications. There is a concept on the virtual screen.

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